Our Philosophy & Approach

Our Vision

“Fostering exceptional achievements in students with learning differences, our goal is each child’s success.”

As North Carolina’s first school dedicated solely to students with learning differences, we empower students to discover the strengths of their own mind and to develop strategies for learning.

Our Mission

The mission of The Fletcher Academy is to develop the human potential of students with learning differences in a joyful and nurturing environment where individualized instructional methods and leadership opportunities promote the development of academic, artistic, athletic, social and technical skills for life.

Our Approach

Core principles for successfully educating students with learning differences are nurtured, reinforced, and refined on a continuous basis.

Small Size

In classrooms with 5:1 student to teacher ratio in core Language Arts and Math classes, students thrive in an environment facilitating individualized attention and curricula. Other classes are a maximum of 10:1 student to teacher ratio.

Positive Culture

Traditional settings for those with learning differences focus on negative consequences rather than showing students how to utilize distinct tools to achieve their goals. By providing direction for each student, and reinforcing the benefits of achieving goals, TFA strengthens students’ beliefs in themselves and their entire educational process.


A distinctive feature of our school and a mark of our success is our effective communications with parents and students. On a daily basis, and in each class, goal achievement is addressed with each student in a structured and consistent manner. Parents receive direct communications and the opportunity to respond to activities or issues in each class, each day.

Home Communication/Conference

Parents/teacher communication can be expected on a regular basis, providing both positive feedback and areas needing improvement.  Conferences are scheduled as needed and at least 2 times per year.  Report cards reflect an average of weekly classwork, homework grades as well as test/project grades and are distributed at six-week intervals.

An end of year meeting with the Headmaster or Dean of Curriculum and Assessment may be requested.  A written description of student progress is shared with parents at the end of each school year.

Family Time

TFA appreciates the impact school has on family life. Homework Hall, a key feature of daily life at TFA, is designed both for faculty to better understand students’ comprehension of subject material AND to reduce parents’ involvement in homework management.