Inclusive. Invigorating. Rewarding.

TFA students develop strong social emotional skills because each day is filled with activities and social connections that provide joyful, successful collaborative experiences within a warm, tight-knit community. Within the Academy’s highly structured environment, students engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities, ensuring they develop a positive team-oriented sense of commitment and responsibility. These activities also help students develop real-life time management and organizational skills, which are reinforced through daily communication with families. All activities are crafted with the same careful design as our tailored academic programs.


Our Athletic Department provides opportunities centered on developing the student-athlete’s character, fundamental skill and knowledge of the games, and commitment to team. Our student-athletes strive to balance academic and athletic responsibilities and model strong, confident leadership at the school and in their communities. As a proud member of the Central Carolina Athletic League, we’re able to provide quality athletic competitive opportunities for our student-athletes. LEARN MORE about our athletic teams and ways families can support our student-athletes >

Student Council

The Fletcher Academy Student Council provides students an opportunity to express themselves, get involved, and take an active part in planning student activities. Members demonstrate their talents and strengths, developing leadership skills that are transferrable to the community and eventual workplace. Student Council members sponsor and organize a number of activities including Spirit Week, dances, fundraisers, and student assemblies. Additionally, they organize service projects to support the local community in meaningful ways.


Clubs at Fletcher are a wonderful way for both students and teachers to end the week. Each Friday, in lieu of Homework Hall, students attend a club of their choice for the term. Clubs are hosted by the teachers and vary from term to term. Past club choices have included Yearbook, Cool Math, Movies, Cosmos, Lego, Coloring, Debate, and Fingernail Polish. This time each Friday allows for students and faculty to enjoy common interest, build relationships, as well as try new things!


Learning goes beyond the classroom. We enrich our students’ education with opera performances, field studies, trips to the beach, Shakespeare readings and much more. Through through these unique opportunities, our students explore, learn, and create as they make connections about the world around them.


High school intersession courses are designed to create powerful, hands-on learning, leadership, and service experiences beyond the classroom. These courses take place either within the local region and through domestic and international locales.

Red & White Games

Field Studies

Guest Performances

A variety of special guests are invited to present and perform at the Academy each year. Some of our favorites include the AJ Fletcher Opera Company, Borromeo Quartet, and the Cary Ballet Company.

Community Service

Community service is an integral part of becoming a contributing and responsible adult. High school students are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of documented community service for each year of high school the student is enrolled at The Fletcher Academy.

Current Students: Click here to download the Community Service form to report your hours >