Application Process

Admission Standards

  • Students must have a current diagnosis of a Specified Learning Disability and/or AD/HD (Inattentive, Hyperactive-Impulsive, or Combined).
  • Evaluation must be current (within past 2-3 years) and completed by a licensed psychologist.
  • If the student has had a Neurological and AD/HD evaluation, diagnosis must be current as well.
  • Student’s cognitive abilities must fall in the average to above average range.
  • Primary diagnosis reflects academic needs versus emotional or behavioral.

Admission Sequence

Step 1: Initial tour and interview with parents (students may be interviewed together with parents or separately).

Step 2: School Visitation Day for each student.

Step 3: Parents send in the following:

  • Application form
  • Current psychological evaluation and IEP if applicable
  • Teacher Recommendation Form mailed to referring teachers
  • Request for Release of School Information Form forwarded to the school by parent
  • Parental Request for Release of Medical Information Form mailed to physician¬†by parent
  • Agreement of Understanding Regarding Training and Research
  • Transcript of courses completed, credits, and grades

Step 4: After a school visitation has occurred and all information has been received, the committee reviews information on each child to determine if our setting can meet the needs of the student. The committee will inform the parents of the decision in writing. Any response to the committee’s decision should be put in writing either in the form of a letter or email. Office personnel and individual members of the committee will not discuss decisions over the phone.

Step 5: A Placement Assessment is individually administered to each student and will determine the point of entry in the program of instruction. This will be scheduled for your child upon acceptance. Pre-testing into our program is one of the many important factors into proper placement into the program.

Step 6: A $250 non-refundable enrollment fee.