Stay In Touch

Alumni are an integral part of our vibrant community. Long after students leave our campus, we treasure our relationship with them and their commitment to TFA. If you are an alum, there are many ways to stay in touch with our community.

  • Join the Alumni Facebook Group. Get in touch with that classmate you haven’t seen since graduation (or since you got married or had that baby or moved 2,000 miles away).
  • Share your news. Got married? Started a new job? Built your dream home? Finished that degree? Whatever you’re celebrating in life, we want to hear about it. Contact Tiffany Gregory with your updates and photos to share the good news.
  • Come home again. Our campus may have gone through a few changes since you were here. More spaces, more faces, and more fantastic learning opportunities. Drop in, say “Hi!” and visit a former teacher or two. We’d love to see you here!

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